The trainers at Forma Gym represent some of the best talent in the business. Our programs integrate the most effective techniques in the fitness industry. We use martial arts, harmony, and balance exercises with Pilates, and yoga-based elements, superior athletic cross-training techniques, cutting-edge nutritional guidance, and cardiovascular training from some of the leading experts in the field. You’ll learn these techniques and how to bring them all together for a total body-and-mind learning experience. Our unique facility will keep you enthusiastic about your workouts while our trainers keep them efficient, effective, and safe.


We will determine the appropriate trainer for your particular goals, objectives, and fitness needs. In this first assessment we’ll go through many basic movement examinations, define your goals, and develop a starting point for your program.


Our trainers use only the most effective measurement techniques for developing goals, tracking progress, and understanding your changing needs.


Our trainers are always on call. Any questions you might have over the next five weeks will be answered in a timely manner. Program, nutritional, or anything else can be sent directly to your trainer.


This package includes ten one-on-one personal training nutritional sessions. The package also includes one session with our wellness coach.


Semi-Private Personal Training is for groups up to six people. Semi-private training is a more cost-effective way to get personalized attention from a certified trainer in a small group. It’s perfect for those looking to get into shape with a loved one, or with a group of friends. Each participant is individually assessed and put through the Forma Gym protocol for new personal training clients.

Included in the Semi-Private Personal Training package:

  • Different monthly options available, depending on how many times you’d like to train
  • Individual assessment to determine each participant’s baseline starting point
  • Complete cardio program
  • Groups limited to six people
  • Trainers that specialize in semi-private personal training
  • Individual nutritional consultation


  • Kevin Arndt

    I grew up in a small town on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Naturally I was drawn to outdoor activities and sports. Since I was a child I’ve participated in sports ranging from snowboarding to baseball. This carried me into a life of strength training. Once I graduated from high school and...

  • Tracy Beckham

    I’ve been an athlete all my life, and at 23 I joined an all-female gym. Like many women, I was “bottom heavy” and wanted to balance out my shape. Cardio alone wasn’t doing it for me. I was amazed how quickly my body responded to weight training. So I got serious and joined Gold’s Gym. I was...

  • Bob Boos

    I was an out-of-shape kid and wanted to make myself better. I went to college to study physical education not only to improve my physical self, but also to help others do the same.

  • Jenn Forney

    I’ve been in the fitness industry part-time most of my life. It’s been my full time career the last four years. I grew up in “BORaga” (Moraga) and moved to Switzerland, Alaska, Virginia, Mississippi, Las Vegas and Australia—long story. Now I live in BORaga again and love being back...

  • Ingrid Genthner

    I got into the fitness industry because I wanted to advance my show jumping career. Much of the horse industry focuses on the athletic ability and fitness of the horse, not the rider’s. I wanted to change the thinking of the equestrian field.

  • Ernie Hernandez

    Being a lifelong athlete sparked, and has maintained, my enthusiasm for strength and fitness. Witnessing family and friends suffer from diseases and illnesses that could’ve been prevented led me to aspire to learn everything possible about the human body and gave me the strong desire to help...

  • Monica Lee Khashabi-Paige

    I moved from Australia to America in 2007 and made a career change from the finance industry to the fitness industry in order to follow my lifelong passion. I’d spent many years competing in track and field, martial arts, and long-distance running in Australia. My love for fitness and nutrition...

  • David Miller

    When I was a young boy I drove my parents crazy, converting everything in the barn into exercise equipment. I’d rather read anything about weightlifting and fitness than what I needed to for school, so it became evident to everyone that this was going to be more than an occupation; it was going...

  • Chrishon “Sonny” Moon

    I'm a Midwest woman with a simple idea about health. I’m Ohio-born-and-raised and a proud graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in cultural anthropology. During and after college, I had the opportunity to travel abroad. Through exposure to diverse cultures, I fell in love with...

  • Steve Schmitt

    Being in the health and fitness industry for most of my life has engrained a passion and desire not only to help myself to be as healthy as possible, but also help others find what the definition of being fit means to them. Nothing pleases me more than motivating people to do things they never...

  • Ravi TC

    In my career I have been fortunate to witness phenomenal changes in people during their journey to fitness. I have seen fitness make a difference in, inspire, empower, and lengthen lives.