We offer two types of classes: Aqua-Fit (water aerobics) and Water Walking. Using the water and props to create resistance, this low-impact form of exercise is very popular for those who want to protect their joints and take a break from the force of gravity.


Aqua Cycle schedule


A challenging and fun water workout designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and well-being. Includes conditioning with various water-resistance tools, abdominal work, and stretching. All levels welcome.


Participants move continuously throughout the pool using water resistance for non-impact conditioning with an aerobic workout. Perfect for those recovering from injury or surgery, active adults, or pregnant women. All levels welcome.

Aqua Cycling

This introductory aquatic cycling class combines the challenge of high-intensity cardio and full-body sculpting. While taking advantage of the amazing resistance properties of water. It's like cycling in zero gravity! Take a break from your normal spin class with this 45-minute interval-based splash!

TRIFIT (Aqua Circuit)

A 60-minute group circuit class, based on the three components of a triathlon: swim, bike and run. Using in-water cycling and treadmill equipment combined with swimming and hydrodynamic exercises, this high-octane, low-impact circuit is great for athletes of all levels or those looking for a full body workout. Have fun and push your limits with TriFit! Swimming skills recommended, swimwear and water shoes required.



  • Andrea Legault

    I’ve always been athletic, even before Title Nine. I was raised on a tennis court in Montclair, California, and received my block letter in softball from Skyline High School. I’ve ridden every Jazzercise, Jane Fonda, and Joanie Greggains craze since…

  • Tally Holmes

    For the past twenty years I’ve had to reroute my exercise passions due to overuse injuries. Running and high-impact aerobics gave way to dragon boat and outrigger canoe racing. Upper-body injuries brought me to the pool. Now I can run, jump, and leap without the impact, and enjoy the increased...