Specializes in: nutrition, strength training, posture correction, total-body conditioning, functional training, physique-contest preparation 
My story
I’ve been an athlete all my life, and at 23 I joined an all-female gym. Like many women, I was “bottom heavy” and wanted to balance out my shape. Cardio alone wasn’t doing it for me. I was amazed how quickly my body responded to weight training. So I got serious and joined Gold’s Gym. I was living in Canada and Mr. Canada trained me for my first bodybuilding show. I won and went on to represent Team Canada at the 1987 IFBB International Invitational. I moved to the U.S. and continued in competitive bodybuilding and was on Team USA, competing at the 2007 IFBB World Bodybuilding Championships. I turned IFBB Pro that year—a dream come true.
I found the missing link in achieving your fitness goals to be nutrition, so I became certified in nutrition. When nutrition is part of their transformation, clients are gratified with the results. No matter at what level you’re training or what goal you’re reaching for, I believe in four things: nutrition, strength training, cardio, and hormonal balance.
My fitness philosophy
To motivate, educate, and guide clients on how to improve their quality of life through balanced nutrition and proper exercise. I believe in incorporating fun, innovative, effective training techniques that fit into clients’ daily lives. I believe in being positive. I like to have a stake in the success of clients. My goal is to design fitness solutions to meet your goals in a safe manner that yields results.
Favorite workout tunes
I don’t listen to music when I train, but off hours I enjoy Justin Timberlake, The Wanted, Maroon 5, and Pitbull. Let’s dance!
What I love to do in my off time
Going to movies and new restaurants with friends, relaxing at Tahoe
Favorite Walnut Creek spot
Sushi restaurants—I’m a foodie.
Hidden talent
I’m a comedienne—so quick witted, I keep all the trainers in stitches.