Specializes in: Water exercise with emphasis on core stabilization and strengthening 
My story
For the past twenty years I’ve had to reroute my exercise passions due to overuse injuries. Running and high-impact aerobics gave way to dragon boat and outrigger canoe racing. Upper-body injuries brought me to the pool. Now I can run, jump, and leap without the impact, and enjoy the increased range of motion the water environment provides.
My fitness philosophy
Do the best with what you have! Build endurance and strength with fluid, pain free movement. Feed the body healthy fuel and keep moving to keep the blood flowing to the brain for alertness and feelings of well-being.
Favorite workout tunes
I workout outside, so I like instrumentals with a 135 b.p.m. I can feel the beat and stay in the moment with my surroundings, without the distraction of lyrics.
What I love to do in my off time
I’m a dental hygienist by day, so I love to get out of the office and get outside. I kayak, power walk, am an orchid hobbyist, and recently started vegetable gardening.
Favorite Walnut Creek spot
I love the American Cancer Society Thrift Shop. It’s a great cause and a fun way to recycle.
Hidden talent
I make a variety of chocolate truffles for the holidays.