Specializing in: Reestablishing mobility and joint function through movement screening and exercise, promoting weight loss through detailed meal planning and precise goal-setting, increasing strength and stamina by incorporating strength and conditioning synergistically
My story
Being in the health and fitness industry for most of my life has engrained a passion and desire not only to help myself to be as healthy as possible, but also help others find what the definition of being fit means to them. Nothing pleases me more than motivating people to do things they never thought they could achieve through fitness.
My fitness philosophy
“Focus on the now.”
Favorite workout tunes
House music
What I love to do in my off time
Skiing, road cycling, riding my scooter, and, of course, relaxing at the coffee store
Favorite Walnut Creek spots
Peet’s Coffee, Sunrise Bistro, Mt. Diablo
Hidden talent
I can walk on my hands.