Specializes in: Fitness coaching for improved body composition, health, mobility, and performance, with use of a variety of equipment such as TRX, kettlebells, free weights, tires, sleds, power plates, battling ropes, and more; small group training; kickboxing; bootcamps; High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT); circuit classes; nutrition coaching 
My story
I moved from Australia to America in 2007 and made a career change from the finance industry to the fitness industry in order to follow my lifelong passion. I’d spent many years competing in track and field, martial arts, and long-distance running in Australia. My love for fitness and nutrition intensified as the years went on, so it was only natural for me to pursue a career as a personal trainer, fitness coach, and nutrition coach. I’m extremely passionate about my job. There’s nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of helping people change their lives, reach their health and fitness goals, and improve their quality of living.
My fitness philosophy
I believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness as a way of life. Integrating good nutrition with a quality training program in a way that yields lifelong habits, meditation (in its many forms), and a positive mental outlook are paramount for achieving optimal health, fitness, and body composition.
My favorite workout tunes
Follow me on Spotify App (MonicaLeePaige) for my workout tunes, including bootcamp, kickboxing, and running playlists that you can workout to also!
What I love to do in my off time
Racing motorcycles, working out, mountain biking, reading, web design, sungazing, meditating, cooking (I love to cook!), photography, Instagram (MonicaLeePaige)
Favorite Walnut Creek spot
Briones trails…oh, and Forma Gym, Peet’s Coffee, Sprouts, Whole Foods Market
Hidden talent
Hidden? Not much hidden about me. I can drag my knee on the road while taking a sweeping corner at over 100 m.p.h. on my motorcycle (on the racetrack). I have a Brown Belt in an Australian Freestyle Martial Art called Zen Do Kai. I can lick my elbow…go on, try it.