Specializes in: Athletic training, post-rehab training, small groups, fat loss
My story
I grew up in a small town on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Naturally I was drawn to outdoor activities and sports. Since I was a child I’ve participated in sports ranging from snowboarding to baseball. This carried me into a life of strength training. Once I graduated from high school and spent a few years finding myself (completely goofing off), I graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in exercise physiology. With this I combined my natural passions of sports and fitness, and got into the strength and conditioning field.
My fitness philosophy
Your happiness is your health. The world is best experienced with high energy, low pain, and high function. Worship your physical self because it’s your vehicle for your every desire and dream.
My favorite workout tunes
Anything with an up-tempo beat
What I love to do in my off time
Hanging out with my wife and son, visiting Lake Tahoe, watching sports, especially the Mariners and Seahawks, also watching the 49’ers lose
Favorite Walnut Creek spot
Crate & Barrel kitchen section
Hidden talent
I can ride a unicycle and juggle—at the same time.