Specializes in: Yoga, meditation, hypnosis 
My story
Yoga started suddenly and accidentally for me. Over ten years ago I wandered into a yoga class at a gym in Santa Monica. I loved it, I mean really loved it, more than anything I’d ever done before. That was the inspiration that I needed and I quickly changed my life. I quit my job and moved to a Colorado ashram. I completed the 200-hour YA course. I knew I was on a better path. I became a certified teacher. Since then, yoga has given me something different in the way of insight and clarity every day. I’m a former massage therapist and current hypnotherapist. I offer myself to yoga, and then to the community at large, in the capacity that I am able. I believe that yoga creates reasonable, tolerant, intelligent humans, and that yoga is the change we need. I’ve taken many teacher trainings. My heart is filled with Laura Camp, Suzanna Spring, Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, and Malia Hill, but one of my favorite teachers is “the moment” when you have read the poetry, studied the sutras, practiced the breath, and then let the words pour out. Being in the presence of Spirit—with each other, in that room, at that moment—is the only place I want to be. And then it’s over and you had to be there. No replay, no remembering; being there is the only way. I love that truth. I teach as a contribution to our community and I am grateful to have a place in yoga.
My fitness philosophy
Sweat with purpose and put more life in your life. Add exuberance, add love, add deliciousness, add confidence, add strength, and answer your question: What will I do with my one wild life?
Favorite workout tunes
I am currently obsessed with very loud, very cool, didgeridoo music, “And Now For Something Completely Different,” by Rishi and Harshil, drum dance
What I love to do in my off time
Hiking with my dog in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
Favorite Walnut Creek spot
Lululemon, because the beautiful people who make Lulu what it is always make me feel special and that what I’m doing with yoga is a positive contribution to this world.
Hidden talent
Not really a talent, but my secret belief is that I should be on HGTV, helping people put private yoga, meditation, and cookie-eating places in their homes.