Specializes in: Zumba® and barefoot dance classes, melt hand and foot technique (certified) 
My story
I’ve always loved music and movement. Apparently I was always happy when I could listen and move to music—even in the crib. Now the whole world is my crib.
My fitness philosophy
I really believe in the healing power of movement and music. Guiding students to become aware of how they can move, have fun, and create mobility and ease while getting cardio benefits, brings me great joy. Everyone can dance!
Favorite workout tunes
Oh man, so many. JT, the Corrs, Juanes, really too many to list. I love to find and source music for my classes.
What I love to do in my off time
Being with my boys, husband, sons, and dog. Or my girls. Girlfriends rock! And roll.
Favorite Walnut Creek spot
ARF—Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation
Hidden talent
Linguine and clams