Specializes in: Step, muscle conditioning, interval training, fitness and figure competition training 
My story
I’ve always been an athlete. Thanks, Mom and Dad! After graduating from the University of Connecticut, I became certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 1989 and began competing in 1993, working my way to IFBB Pro Fitness in 1996, then switching to an IFBB Pro Figure competitor in 2005. I was group-exercise director at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas, for 15 years and am now the owner of New Age Nutrition, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements and topical creams.
My fitness philosophy
Changing people’s lives through fitness is the best gift I could ever imagine. Knowing as my clients achieve their physical goals that they’re also strengthening their hearts and souls and can then achieve anything they desire, makes life complete.
Favorite workout tunes
Upbeat R&B
What I love to do in my off time
Competing in USTA tennis, showing Morgan horses, skiing, playing with my two dogs and two cats
Favorite Walnut Creek spot
Hidden talent
I love to make people laugh.