Specializes in: Pilates Reformer, TRX, weight loss, group fitness, bootcamps, strength and flexibility training 
My story
I’ve been in the fitness industry part-time most of my life. It’s been my full time career the last four years. I grew up in “BORaga” (Moraga) and moved to Switzerland, Alaska, Virginia, Mississippi, Las Vegas and Australia—long story. Now I live in BORaga again and love being back in this area! I have a seven-year-old daughter who keeps me laughing and very busy. What else do you want to know?
My fitness philosophy
I believe you are what you eat. Taking care of your body through good nutrition, vigorous exercise, drinking lots of water, and rest is the key to good health. Finding exercise that you enjoy and will do consistently is the hardest part for most people. It’s the key to staying fit and in shape. Find it and live it!
Favorite workout tunes
Old stuff remixed, Elvis always gets me going
What I love to do in my off time
Century bike rides, skiing, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, pretty much anything in the mountains, spending time with my family, growing fresh fruits and veggies in my garden
My favorite Walnut Creek spot
Forma Gym, top of Mt. Diablo
Hidden talent
I’m a trained chef and sommelier.