Specializes in: One-on-one personal training, small group strength training, TRX, spin, CrossFit, holistic nutrition
My story
I'm a Midwest woman with a simple idea about health. I’m Ohio-born-and-raised and a proud graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in cultural anthropology. During and after college, I had the opportunity to travel abroad. Through exposure to diverse cultures, I fell in love with holistic organic living. Work, farming, and organic living became a lifestyle. The pure flavors of the food, hard physical work, and the yielded energy bursting from the food nutrients fueled my passion for exercise and nutrition. After my return to the U.S., I dove into the organic whole-food craze in the culinary world, never forgetting my passion for fitness. I was constantly training for the next marathon, triathlon, mud run, anything to compete. I found I performed better once my food choices evolved. Long story short, food brought me to San Francisco, where I worked in accomplished organic restaurants and continued to train and compete. But I wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t a complete package. I yearned for more time in the gym. I gave advise to my kitchen staff about working out and coached my family and friends. I was becoming a trainer, but didn’t even know it. The connection between fitness and food became my obsession. I wanted to fuse my two passions. A year of hard work, long hours, and study produced my NASM Personal Training certification and Precision Nutrition certification. Now I can say I’m living and I want to empower you to find your best self and live in optimal health.
My fitness philosophy
Fitness = W.O.R.K. Food = life. A balanced combination of strength training, cardiovascular training, and balanced nutrition create a life full of joyful experiences. It’s that simple.
“Simplify, simplify.”  – Thoreau
My favorite workout tunes
Music with grit, so hip hop and rock
Favorite place to hang out in Walnut Creek
Definitely a tie between Mt. Diablo trails and CrossFit Sweat Shop
Hidden talent
My knife skills are well seasoned…